I really want this to be a special night, why should I choose A Music Experience?

I have 8 years of experience DJing for hundreds of functions: wedding receptions, corporate events, private parties and high school dances.  I am dedicated to working with you to make sure I meet your expectations.  If you are on the fence about hiring us, I can arrange to meet or talk on the phone.  I can also provide you with references upon request.

How do you choose the songs to play?

I will work with the client to determine the type of crowd that will be at the event.  I will also ask the client to provide a request list.  Prior to the event I will build a list of songs as a baseline based on the input received by the client.  However, the real magic happens during the event.  A good DJ will key on the guests’ emotions and actions to be able to adjust the music in order to keep the guests happy.  It is sort of a DJ feedback loop. Most importantly, I play most requests!

What types of music do you play?

Whatever you want.  I believe the single most important trait a DJ must have is the ability to be flexible and adapted with his music choices.  I strive to do this.  I enjoy a mixed crowd, because I get to mix the music up.    I personally enjoy all genres of music and spend a lot of my personal time researching artists across the spectrum.  I also try to set a balance between what the client wants to hear, what the guests want to hear, and what I think the client and guests want to hear.

What kind of music do you specialize in?

Whilst I enjoy playing music ranging the spectrum and love to spin a hip hop, oldies, rock or disco set, I am particularly fond of modern EDM (electronic dance music).  I also enjoy playing indie, alternative, euro-pop, and industrial.  I enjoy playing lounge and dinner music and I am very familiar with Hawaiian music, so consider me for your next Hawaiian Luau.

You were a professional DJ back in the 1980s and 1990s, if I hire you to play at my kid’s graduation party, are you only going to play 1980s and 1990s music?

Absolutely not, unless that is what your kid (or you) wants.  Whilst the bulk of my professional DJ experience has been over 20 years ago, I spend a lot of my time now researching modern music and DJ techniques.   I regularly download the latest tracks from DJ Charts on sites such as Beatport.   This being said, if appropriate, I may try to fit in a few sets of 80s and 90s music for the younger crowds.

Will you play songs like the Chicken Dance, Cha-Cha Slide, and the Electric Slide?

If it’s requested, I certainly will.

Do you beat sync and mix your music?

I sure do.  I learned to do it on old Techniques turntables and I now use professional DJ software to beat sync and mix my music.

I am doing a themed event where unusual and unique music will need to be played, but I don’t know anything about that type of music.  Can you help me?

Yes.  It would be fun!

I was at an event where the DJ talked over every song, and even rapped to some of them.  Do you do this and how often do you talk on the mic?

There are two extremes to DJ interactions: DJs who are constantly on the mic either trying to get the crowd to dance, or performing with the music, and those who don’t use the mic at all.  The effectiveness of both sides of the spectrum varies on the type of crowd.  I find myself in the middle of the spectrum, leaning towards less mic usage.  My philosophy is to use the mic only when necessary and let the music choices communicate to the audience.   If the crowd needs a little encouraging to start the night off, then I’ll jump on the mic and try to get them pumped-up, however it’s important to know when to cut-out the mic usage.

Do you do comedy, games or magic routines?

I don’t do these.  I am a purist DJ.  My approach is to entertain via the music I play.

Will you MC?

I will do announcing and “lightweight” MCing for your event.  By lightweight, it means that I will do straightforward MCing,  but I prefer not to be the “personality of the night”.  If you are expecting an MC to offer a comedy act, entertain the crowd with crazy antics such as jumping on tables (yes I have seen this), then I am probably not the DJ you want.   Calm, collective and classy is what I strive for.

Do you offer a photo booth?

Sorry, I don’t.

Do you lead the guests in line dancing?

Not yet.  Don’t know them well right now.  (It’s been a while).

I am having an event with older guests, and I am worried that the lighting will be too much for them.

Because I use DMX to control our lighting, I have lighting programs that are slower and less flashy.  I can also set up a minimal version of our lighting if our clients feel lighting may be “unsightly” to the décor of the venue.  It is recommended that any guests that may dislike the lighting show should be seated at the far end of the venue, away from the dance floor.

But what if we want the venue to look like a dance club?

I’m all good with that!  I >love< lighting and an interacting with the lighting just as much as I do with the music.  I spend a lot of time programming my lighting show to make it exciting and complimentary to the music.

Do you offer fog?  Should I use fog? Is it safe?

I do have a large-capacity fog machine I bring to events, and fog is safe to use (it is water vapor).  My standard use of fog is to use it very sparingly (I basically create a small amount of haze in order to enhance the effects of the light show).  It is important to consider a few things before settling on using fog.  Some venues prohibit any use of fog or haze, thus it is important to clear this with the venue.   Other venues will allow it, however require a test prior to the event to ensure the fog will not set off any smoke alarms (I have tested this and our sparingly use of fog should not set off any alarms).  Finally, the fog contains a sweet smelling incense-like odor.  Some guests may find this smell disagreeable.

Do you have a backup plan?

I run a backup music source, music libraries, and cables all running from 2 separate power sources in the event of a malfunction.

Are you insured?

I carry a $1,000,000 liability policy.

How long do you need to set up/breakdown?

For our standard system, I will arrive at the venue at least 2 hours prior to the event and have everything setup before the start of the event.  Our standard system takes no more than 1 1/2 hour to breakdown.  For our larger systems, we may require 3 hours or more to set up and 2 hours or more to breakdown.

Can we use your system as a PA system for our MC and musicians?

The use of our mic and PA system by your MC is already included in the packages.  I may be able to support live musicians, however this depends on the musician’s requirements, and the requirements may increase the cost of our service.

Why are you more expensive than other DJs?

A professional DJ company is more than just someone showing up with speakers, lights and music.  Insurance costs, legal music purchases, and advertising will add to business overhead.  We also feature all brand new professional grade sound and lighting system (not the cheap low/medium end gear that some DJs may use).

Why are you cheaper than other DJs?

I am reestablishing the company in the Pennsylvania region after a 20 year hiatus from the business and am working on gaining exposure for A Music Experience by offering my services at a great value.

What’s the significance of the name “A Music Experience”

“A Music Experience” was the name of the Mobile Disco that I spent 8 years working for during the 1980s to the 1990s.  I was a teenager when the owner took me in and taught me the ropes of being a great DJ.  He passed away a few years back after losing his fight with lymphoma, and I felt this would be a great way to honor the impact he made on me, the DJ community, and all our clients.

How can I see you in “action”?

You can view a YouTube video from one of our most recent events.  You can also view a video of my premium lighting system during a programming session.